Cooking up some mixed media goodies…

I finalized my menu for holiday meals last night.  Then we sat down as a family to decorate our sugar and gingerbread cookies. I enjoy this holiday tradition, but it also stresses me out a little bit.  What a mess!  After cleaning up, I kept yearning to make a mess with some paints too.  Why not? So, as the kids settled in to watch Rudolph, I sat at the … [Read more...]

Are You a Geek?

During my travels, that has been a question posed to many a student.  And it's quite surprising how often I get a very enthusiastic, 'YES!' in response! So instead of making you send me an e-mail proclaiming your geekiness, I've compiled the posts into a new category, aptly named 'Geek'. And to make it even easier, I've linked it to a tab in the navigation bar up … [Read more...]

Colorful Coastline

We are on our semi-annual trip to Hilton Head with the hub's family.   On Saturday, we arrived at this lovely beachfront home, the likes of which is only rented when this many families get together and pool our resources.  I mean seriously... wow.  You can get a glimpse of our view behind the short people above.   Since I was in the vicinity, on Sunday, I enjoyed … [Read more...]

Blackberry Olympics

That's what I appear to be engaged in this week.  And the tiny keyboard isn't cutting it. My laptop power supply was sadly packed up with somebody else's air compressor when I was in Ottawa last Sunday.    No battery has this long of a battery life.  Eeek! Although the family may appreciate that I've been driven to laundry, scrubbing the bathrooms and … [Read more...]