Today’s Forecast? Flag Waves!!

Nothing gets me in a sparkley mood (or should I say *sparkler* mood?) more than the Fourth of July.  It's our tradition to spend this holiday in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  The kids make tie-dyed t-shirts, decorate and participate in a bike parade and we enjoy the beach and fireworks.   What's not to love?  For the creative spirit, … [Read more...]

GLAMorous Clothing Alteration

I can't sew.  If you know me at all - you know this to be true!  But I truly admire those who can.  My dear friend Laura can sew.  And there is no way she is going to teach me how.  She values our friendship too much.  LOL! So I create with cloth vicariously through shows like Project Runway.  The things those designers can do with recycled materials … [Read more...]

Sew. What?

Wow, what a great kidoodles day.  There aren't enough of these.  I started the day trying to make a decision.  I hate saying, 'No.' to an opportunity, but I hate overcommitting my time and undervaluing it WAY more.  So I said no.  But felt lighter having done it.  So I made the hubs his favorite breakfast. And so it goes... Then I … [Read more...]

Unwritten – a New Tattered Angels SNEAK PEEK!

Have you ever heard the song, 'Unwritten', by Natasha Bedenfield?  If you have, you probably got sick of how much it was overplayed when it first came out - but in any case, if you pay close attention to the lyrics there is so much beautiful meaning to them.  At least it truly inspires me every time I hear it.  Click on the link above for the song.  I just love … [Read more...]