My Studio – the Paper Tiger gets Tamed

I'll admit, many iterations of craft room organization started with containers and my force-fitting what I had into them.  Other people use Iris carts - they must be good!  Other people use 12x12 file folders or trays for their paper - it must be good!  and so forth.   But my space was mostly a crowded place that had lost it's creative energy.    I had stuff … [Read more...]

My Studio – a study in organized chaos

A decade of crafting in Connecticut and my craft area has gone through more iterations than my hairstyle - by far!  I thought I could share with you what was, what is, and why it works for me.  I hope you don't laugh too much, as I share my stumblings.  I also hope that you find something useful in my journey to craft in an organized space. … [Read more...]

A little corny…

I posted earlier about finding this photo and wanting to make a layout from it.  I adore the prints made from doubling a 4x6 into an 8 x 12.  Every now and then a layout truly only needs one photograph.  This is one of them! Courtney having her first corn on the cob.  How cute is that intent little face?  They grow up so fast.  I loved the Prima Flowers.  To my … [Read more...]

The hit of craft fair

I love these little bandaid style tins from Provo Craft.  I'm not at home, but i wanted to share the tin as it was the HIT of a recent craft fair.  I combined it with six 'petite' cards, from 'Thank You', 'Congratulations', and other standard greetings. The tins are so versatile - you can use them to store gift cards, or as a clever container for a gift card that you are giving.  It … [Read more...]

My Alter Ego has an ID Badge

Nothing is safe with alcohol inks around…. :o) I had a standard ID badge holder, and I pulled the old paper insert out to pack it for an upcoming event – and then had an altering fit with it instead!  The hearts and small plastic pieces are actually homemade resins, made using Envirotex Lite.  I turned it sideways and punched holes in the top for a bead chain necklace instead.  The … [Read more...]