Unlocking the Mystery of Media – CMYK

I recently had a conversation with an art friend about mixing color. I was talking about primary colors and how disappointing it is to see people trying to mix colors from Red, Yellow and Blue when it yields such dull color mixes. I really feel it is antiquated thinking to think that all colors are derived from those 'primaries'. She insisted my Red wasn't Cadmium enough. But by mixing … [Read more...]

Color Study: African-American Skin Tones

My friend Laetitia, who owns Scrappy Chic Boutique in Decatur, Georgia, sent me a note late last night that she was having trouble coloring skin tones.  In particular she said, "my person looks jacked up. The caucasians look fine its the blacks that are a hot mess. Any tips you could offer??????". So I decided to put together a color study.  This is … [Read more...]

Copic Color Spotlight: B00 Frost Blue

A little over a year ago, Marianne Walker posted a couple of Color Spotlights on her blog.  Let's just say she had me at 'Hello'.  I was hooked.  I have taken a few colors on my own and began generating my own color combinations, using established color theory guidelines and hope to feature a couple of these semi-monthly.  It's a wonderful way to … [Read more...]