611 days later to N0 Copic Marker

That is how long it took.  611 days.  20 months and 2 days since I met Marianne Walker and used a Copic Marker for the first time.  13 certification classes later…  and now my palette is full. 

Ok, 333 colors full.  I'm considering the job done… even though there is ONE missing.  You see I'm not saying no Copic Marker – I'm saying N0 (N Zero) Copic Marker.  My order came in missing JUST ONE marker – N0.  And I laughed when I realized how much it reminded me of someone raising their fists in the air and shouting, 'Noooooooooooooooooooooo!'


Instead of just saying N0, I feel like celebrating with a giveaway!!


Post a comment – tell me about your colorful journey with Copic.  And I'll draw a winner on Friday, Sept. 25th.

And now let's look to the year ahead.  Just take a glance of my upcoming planned locations.  It's always fluid – but this is the current chart from now up through a year from today.


*Decatur, GA
*Evansville, IN


*Columbia, SC


*San Antonio, TX

South Florida
*Shawnee, KS (Kansas City)
*Memphis, TN
*Medford, Long Island, NY
Columbus, OH
St. Louis, Mo
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Charlotte, NC
Charleston, WV
Arlington, TX
Hilton Head, SC area
Tulsa, OK area
Chicago / St. Charles, IL
Somerset, NJ
Houston, TX

Will I meet you along the colorful journey?  I hope so!


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