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Three Sides to Fill

Pardon me a little introspection. I feel like this needs that 'Deep Thoughts' segment from ancient Saturday Night Live...if you don't get SNL humor... I've been laid up sick for almost a week now, but on the way to well. During this time, I've been thinking a lot about the three sides to having a successful in-person workshop; and they have nothing to do with art-making. The business side of things is such a quagmire. If you've ever thought about travel-teaching, this is for you. Side 1: … [Read More...]

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Just Keep Swimming…In-Person Workshops Update

The current port crisis on the West coast is causing mayhem for anyone that manufactures their product overseas; particularly in Asia and Japan. Every day I am getting e-mails from prominent companies telling me that they are affected by this labor … [Read More...]

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Sketches of Life

For a long time I've done different documentations of my life. Whether by making a family scrapbook, through writing in a journal, art journaling (in which oftentimes the words get out on the page (and then painted over); and more recently … [Read More...]

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